Friday, June 24, 2011

On where the Dreadnought tutorial is

This is one of those times where I must apologize to my audience.  I had planned to do a tutorial on how to build a Space Marine Dreadnoughts, but for some reason every time I start it I feel no desire to continue.  It just isn't fun, and isn't that the point of blogging?

Instead, I've found myself making terrain pieces for my own 6' x 4' playing board.  It's something I've needed to do more of for quite a while now, and I'm actually enjoying doing it.

So here are the options as far as I can see it-

1. I can do a tutorial on the Dreadnought, dragging my feet the whole time until my entire audience throws up their hands in disgust.
2. Continue to build terrain, passing on tips here and there until I get my desire to scratch build the Dreadnought back
3. I can do a quick and easy tutorial I already know, such as the Blight Drones I built or a Landraider Mk 1
4. A tutorial on the current Land Raider design.

What would you all rather see?  I will put up a poll to get accurate feedback from you, but if you want something specific other than these options I'm more than happy to address them here.  Till next time, take care and keep building!


  1. Just my opinion, but I'd sure appreciate something on the old MK 1 Land raiders... I'm converting my #2 original over to a Spartan class Raider and plan at some point on expanding the number of Spartans I can field... But whatever you do :-) I need to get back to building terrain at some point too...

  2. Sorry everyone, real life sorta got in the way! Between 3 weddings (and corresponding bachelor parties) and painting the outside of the house we live in, it's been a really busy couple of weeks. I'll do my best to get another tutorial/terrain post up this coming Monday.

  3. Have fun! Seriously this is what the hobby is about(strange I know). Though I wouldn'd mind seeing the mk1 Land raider ;).

  4. That is the direction I'm deciding to go (starting the first tutorial on the Mk1 as we speak, er, type). I believe tomorrow night I'll have it up for all to see.