Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scratch built dreadclaw painting progress 3

Well, another little update on the painting progress of the Dreadclaw.  Not a whole lot of detail added, but was able to solve the dark brown issue in the center of each of the walls by adding some window screen.  This gave enough texture to break up the piece a bit and remove some of the uniformity it had.

Hope to someday soon be able to drop this onto the battlefield!

Due to my recent illness, progress on the Dreadnought tutorial is moving slower than expected.  Scratch building supplies have also been strained to their maximum and have dwindled down to scraps, which makes building new projects tough to say the least (and really don't have the money for more).  Worry not, scratch build fans.  If I must I will begin scrounging the penny jars in the house to garner enough cash to resupply and begin this tutorial properly.

Till next time, take care and keep building.

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