Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scratch built dreadclaw painting progress 2

Welcome back everyone to another update on the Dreadclaw.  Over the weekend I was able to do a little painting on the scratch built model to bring out some of the definition.

I'm debating adding more rust to the center areas so they don't look so immune to the process.  As it stands now they sorta stick out.  Hopefully I'll be able to fix that soon.

Other changes that will be coming up will be some details made to the bottom of the Dreadclaw, painting the wires at the top, and adding Nurgle symbols to the appropriate places (as fits the theme of my current army).  Overall I like the look so far and will hopefully have a completed model on Friday.  Till then, take care!


  1. Came out realy nice, I especially like the rust effect. Will be a nice addition to your army. I think the only thing I would change is the dark reddish / brown parts in the center, how about a weathered decal? Or some scratches?

  2. Yeah, those Sophisticated Finishes are probably the best thing to happen to my Nurgle units!

    The brownish areas in the center, which is a tin color, really do need something to break up the monotony. On the Forge World Dreadclaw there is a horizontal line pattern which resembles vents.

    What I may try to do is give it a texture of some sort and then add the rust as needed to those areas as well. You're absolutely right, they stand out too much from the rest of the model right now.

  3. This is the first time i've seen this drop pod, and im very impressed! I'm amazed at what people are scratch building these days!!

  4. The best part is it took less than $5 in materials. Take that, FW!