Friday, June 10, 2011

Chaos Dreadclaw Tutorial 4

Welcome to the final installment of the Dreadclaw tutorial.  This one is a doozy, so lets get right on it!  When you finish this tutorial, the Dreadclaw will look something like this:

So on to the tutorial!

Bic pen

Hobby knife
Cutting mat
White glue
Hand drill with small copper tube

Last image from Dreadclaw Tutorial 3:

Using the template provided below, cut the plasticard to make 8 pieces of trim.  Using the white glue, position the trim pieces over the bottom areas.

Take a sheet of plasticard and place it on the bottom portion of the dreadclaw, tracing out the bottom shape.  Cut the piece out and cut a hole in the center the same size as the hole in the hatch.  Glue the hatch into place using the super glue.  Finally, glue the bottom piece into place so it looks like the image below.

Using a pen casing (preferably a soft plastic which resembles the plasticard), cut the tube to make 8 pieces which are 3/8" wide.

Using the piece cut from the center of the template on this page, super glue the tubes to the middle of each piece.

This is a good place to create a design to give your Dreadclaw some flair.  For mine, I cut each piece to look like this:

Glue these into the spaces opened from the template on this page.  Next cut 16 rectangle pieces which are 1/4" by 3/8".  In a circular pattern, glue them in a circular pattern around the hatch as it appears below:

Next cut 8 squares which measure 7/8" by 3/4".  These will be used to surround the top area as seen below.

After completing this part, use the bottom template to cut 4 pieces out of the plasticard and attach to the corners of the top area still exposed.

Use the super glue to put these into place.

Now, take the copper tube and sharpen  it.  Place the tube into the hand drill and secure it.  We will be able to use this tool to make our rivets from the plasticard (and there will be a lot of them!).

Place the rivets on the trim areas of the Dreadclaw.

Using the cardstock , cut a circle which is 1 3/4" wide.  Cut another 4 pieces of the pen casing, this time angle one side of each one.

Using your wire, braid together 3 strands roughly 12" long.  Cut this strand into 4 pieces.

Superglue the pen casings to oppose each other and angling the high point inward.  Arrange the wires in a pattern of your choosing.

Glue this piece to the top, inner area of the Dreadclaw as shown below.

Now sit back and admire your craftsmanship!  The nice thing about Chaos models is they lend well to added pieces, so if you have ideas for added bits, feel free.


  1. Wow, your love for detail is astonishing! I realy like the model. It came better out then expected! You did a nice job, hope to see a painted picture soon :)

  2. I'm planning on spending this week painting and updating with any changes/additions I make to the finished product seen here. Hopefully I can keep it interesting!