Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dreadclaw final tutorial post- Friday

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to give everyone the heads up on where the Dreadclaw project is and where the tutorial parts are.  Initially I had planned to have two tutorial posts up for this week.  However, I hit a groove and decided to complete the project instead of stop and write two little tutorial posts.  So, plan for Friday night to have a rather large tutorial post which completes this project.

The best part?  The dreadclaw will have a primed final image, so you'll have an idea on how it looks in a flat coloring.  I hope everyone is looking forward to the final tutorial!

Thanks to everyone for reading and good luck with your own projects!


  1. can you please post a pdf of the templates they are the wrong size

    1. I've thought about this, and there is a concern with making pdf's of the tutorials. The tutorials as they sit now tend to not attract too much attention from a certain company and I'm afraid if they do become pdf's which can be easily distributed, they might end up seeing the same fate of the titan templates which keep disappearing. What I can do (and have done in a couple other tutorials so far) is change all the tutorial templates to include measurements.

      I hope this is an acceptable compromise and will help you out. After the Rhino tutorial is completed I will set this as my first priority.