Monday, June 6, 2011

Chaos Dreadclaw Tutorial 3

After you complete this update, the Dreadclaw you are building will start looking like this one.


Hot glue gun
Super glue
Hobby knife
Straight metal rular
Scotch tape

First thing we want to do at this point is cut 8 pieces using the following template out of the plasticard.

Attach each of the two straight side edges to each other using the Scotch Tape like below.

Bend at the center and attache these pieces to the bottom edge of the Dreadclaw.  Glue these into place after securely taping them into place.

Continue doing this until all 8 pieces have been attached.

NOTE:  The bottom of your Dreadclaw will look slightly different than this one.  Like all things, experimentation often leads to failure as well as success.  Rest assured, these edges will be lined up properly when using this tutorial!  Ahem, on to the next bit!

We can now attach those leg pieces we put aside earlier.  Use hot glue to get the legs in place at the bottom of the Dreadclaw and secure at the top using either the hot glue or a dab of super glue.

Using the following pattern, cut 8 pieces out of the plasticard and use the white glue to secure the trim piece firmly to the Dreadclaw walls.

Next we grab this template and cut out 8 pieces around the edges, only scoring the rest of the lines to allow for easy bending at those points.

Bend at the scored sections to make it look like the below image.  Tape the top triangle part and then hot glue the creases to keep it from coming apart.

These pieces can now be applied with the bottom edge lined directly against the Dreadclaw wall and the top of the triangle piece is centered on each flat wall.

Well, that is pretty much all for this week.  Thanks everyone for following along and good luck with your scratch builds!


  1. Sweet Model! Looks totaly awesome and very detailed. Hope to see it painted soon :)

  2. Thanks Srsly Im Cool! There is still a lot of detail to add, including the thrusters on the bottom of the Dreadclaw, spikes on top, and details for the top.

    I'm hoping to get the 4th tutorial piece up today, perhaps one more on Friday and then next week I can cover painting it. :)