Saturday, June 18, 2011

Razor wire fields tutorial

This one is so cheap and easy, you probably have most of the supplies already.  When finished it will look something like this:

Window screen (plastic roll)
Super glue
Small hobby dowel rods
Cardstock (1/16" thick)

Hobby Knife
Cutting mat
Super Glue
Brown paint

Take your wooden dowel rod and cut two sections measuring roughly 1" long from the rod.  Do this for as many sets of razor wire you want in your field.  Cut a rectangle from the card stock to the size you wish the razor wire field to be.  Cut your field at a 45% angle to give the impression of the field raising along each side of the rectangle.

Now lay out your window screen.  Cut one strip the length you want your razor wire to be, which should reach from end to end on the field you cut.

Lay out your two wooden dowel pieces, gluing the edges of the screen pieces to the middle of each rod.  Glue one rod onto the corner of the field using the super glue.  When it hardens, twist the screen wire until it gives the impression the razor wire is twisted around.  Glue the other dowel rod into place, pulling the screen tight.  Do this at 1" intervals (remember, you want models to be able to fit in the field!).

Now that the field is basically set up, paint the field brown and highlight as appropriate.  Add static grass and other bits where appropriate and enjoy your new field piece.

Tomorrow I'll add an image of the rust effects added to the razor wire.

That's it for this week.  Next Monday is my 5 year anniversary being married to my wonderful wife, so there may not be a post if time doesn't permit.  If it does, however, be prepared for the first of the Dreadnought tutorial.  Until next time, thanks for reading and take care!


  1. A scratch builtl dreadnought say what? The razor wire looks great by the way, especially the pockets of grass.

  2. Thanks :)

    I think the next time I make something like this I will incorporate mud puddles to add some extra depth.

    Yes, next week (though it may start more like Tuesday since I've come down with a plague of some sort) I will begin the Dreadnought tutorial and post finished pictures of the Dreadclaw.

  3. Might have to steal this razor wire idea for a few bases.