Monday, June 13, 2011

Paint Progress- Dreadclaw

Welcome back to Scratchbuilt 40k.  I have a very short update on the painting progress on the Dreadclaw and thought I'd share with you gentle readers the paint holder I built just this morning.

First, the Dreadclaw:

As you can see, it has a very basic design so far.  From the primed dark green I used a light green and cream colored spray paint to dust the model and give the base coat some variety in color.  As I don't have an air brush I have to make due with the tools I have!

The trim is colored with a dark green which will eventually be highlighted appropriately  with lighter greens.  The splotches placed in random areas is the first coating of Sophisticated Finishes' Iron Metalic Surfacer, which will get another coat (as best I can) and then once dried covered in the Rust Antiquing Solution.  I'll be sure to take better pictures once the model is completed.

Speaking of paints, I've decided to use the spare wood in the garage to build myself a paint bottle station.  I find I'm always reaching for the wrong bottles have a general hard time finding the paints I wanted when they were strewn haphazardly (or willy-nilly, if you prefer) in cardboard boxes.

So ta-daa!  Scratch building isn't just for miniatures, it seems.

Though some of the wood is a little bent, I can fix that later if it becomes a problem.  For now, though, I think this will serve me better than the previous set up I was using.  If you would like to share your painting/hobby stations, the comments section would be a great place for the link as I'd love to see how everyone else is set up.

Finally, the poll which asks that question which every 40k player gets asked is coming along nicely.  Since I've only been able to cover 2 vehicles so far, it's no surprise to see Chaos Space Marine players are leading the pack.  Plans are in the works for a scratch built Dreadnought and Landraider (latest model) tutorial, after which I'm planning tutorials for players of the other armies. 

That's it for this update.  On Wednesday we'll see how the rust turned out.  Till then, take care!


  1. I sorely need a paint rack like that. My own paints are... well, the photo is on my blog, but suffice to say they're strewn pretty haphazardly.

  2. I admit, I was inspired by Les Bursley's set up over at Awesome Paint Job-

    I loved the idea I could actually see the paint colors and not just choose the paint I use by name. I'm interested to see if it affects how I choose the colors for my future projects.

  3. Now tht is a collection of paints.
    I want.

  4. Ah, yes, the number of paints I have. Many years ago I bought the Vallejo Citadel Color collection, then a few years ago I bought the Vallejo Model Color collection. The only one I've run out of is black so far.

    It's nice to know I can not touch a paint pot for 7 years and all I have to do is shake it vigorously and it will still work as though I just bought it!