Saturday, May 21, 2011

Troop Transport part 6, final

Well, this is the last one!  We've reached the final steps to make a fairly easy to build Transport which will serve your troops well.

Scrap Warhammer sprue materials
For Sale Signs
Warhammer bits (twin linked bolter, hatches

Super glue
Straight metal ruler
Hobby knife
Hand drill

We begin by gathering all those left over Warhammer sprues we have lying around which have been amassing from all the troops we have purchased over the years.  Cut 4 pieces which are roughly 1" long.  At a diagonal angle, cut so that the bottom is sloped so the narrow side is shorter than the wider side.  Using the hand drill, make two indents 3/16" and 3/8" from the top of the piece.  Choose a place on both sides of the plastic which is between those two holes and drill there as well.  Now drill a hole 3/16" down from both of those holes.  they will look like the image provided.

Using super glue attach the pipes to the outsides of the tank as it appears in the image.

Taking the left over hatch bits, glue these to the top circles placed on the top of the Rhino.

Using the For Sale sign and this template cut two pieces out to make the doors which go on the side of the tank.  Score the center line but there is no need to cut all the way through the plastic- it is there simply for aesthetic purposes.

Cut a rectangular piece for each side of the door.  Glue these pieces onto the door frame, then carefully drill two holes, one above the other, on either side of the door.  Place a pin in each hole and secure it using glue.

Now your tank is ready for priming and painting!  Good luck with it on the battlefield!!


  1. Damn! As a fellow tinkerer, I cannot help but to say that it is a great project. While Games Workshop tanks are not exactly paragons of realistic approach to armor, they have a certain esthetic to them, and you've managed to replicate it with, dare I say, contemptuous ease.

  2. Thank you, Marcin! I decided early on that my first project would be the Rhino since it is an entry for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, which as we all know make up a huge portion of 40k players. From here it's not hard to see how to move onto the other Rhino chassis vehicles- the Predator, Whirlwind, and Vindicator. I figured this was a good starting point as the vehicle is fairly easy to replicate.

    I had a lot of fun making the tutorial and I'm glad that you've enjoyed them so far. Thanks for reading!