Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Modeling for the week

Welcome back hobby enthusiasts!  Since creating new instructions tends to be time consuming and very involved, I decided this week will be a hobby week, where I go over what I'm doing and share with my readers my thought process in my choices.

Currently I am priming and painting the Vindicator I had previously made and the two Rhinos I built the past few weeks for this list.  As you can see, I am sticking with a simple paint scheme right now until the rust effects kit shows up (which I ordered this week).  The rust will be the brown and oranges which will help to diversify the color of the army.

After these elements are ready, I need to paint an old Space Marine Chaplain model I had lying around and converted to be a Chaos Sorcerer.  As you can see I have added a couple bits to his hand and chest while giving him the staff from the Chaos Terminator Lord model.  I also have a back pack as well, but I have found it is much easier to paint the model first before adding accessories which can get in the way of a paint brush!

 After this is completed I plan to add the rust effects to the home made Blight Drones I built quite a while ago.  For those who are unfamiliar with the model, a Blight Drone is a fast attack choice made available in the Imperial Armory books.
The rest of the army includes Plague Marines, Terminator squads, another Chaos Sorcerer, and 4 Obliterators I created using the Chaos Daemon Prince model and a lot of green stuff.  Still have a lot of painting to go on those as well!
This is the core of my Chaos Space Marine army that is a work in progress.  I'm working very hard to keep the budget on this very reasonable and may have to attempt some trades to get the rest of the pieces I need to finish the army up.  Wish me luck!

I'm curious what projects, if any, my readers are currently involved in.  Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Hey man, nice blog! I realy like what you're doing and I realy like your tutorials, keep the good work up! One thing that I would realy like woulb be blueprints of the models you're building.Because some of your dimensions are a bit vague (mostly because I don't have a For Sale sign :D) More pictures of your models are also very welcome. Btw. you now have an additional regular ;) Keep it up man

  2. Excellent suggestions, Srsly! I'll make a point of doing a better job in the future of getting the dimensions of the cardstock and signs I use to help people who are following along get the right size materials. Great idea on the blueprint and I'll be sure to use this for the next tutorial (which will be the Chaos Dreadclaw).

    I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and thanks for reading!

  3. Are there any places where you can buy 'For Sale' signs?

  4. The Green Farseer, I've bought most of my plastic signs from Wal-Mart at a whopping $2.22, which are 15" by 20"