Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day- no tutorial dern it!

Despite not having a tutorial ready for today (had some pottery glazing to do for the wife and then felt no desire to be cutting things up), I decided to share with you all the images I took of the finished Blight Drones, Rhinos, and Vindicator.

I think I the effects turned out perfectly and love the paint scheme underneath showing through in all the right areas.


  1. Oh sure, blame me for your lack of post. :P

  2. Goodness, no! I was just giving context, sweetie! The fault is all mine.

    I apologize to my readers for the images. For some inconceivable reason Blogger uses an images height instead of width to determine the size of the image in the post. Completely baffling since you have as much vertical room needed but only so much horizontal space available.

    I scratch my head on this one.

  3. Nice rust dude, look forward to some 'how to'?

  4. Thanks PalinMoonstride and RebelGrot!

    Right now I'm building the necessary templates to make the Chaos Dreadclaw drop pod, so hopefully this week will see the beginning of that tutorial.

    Thank you for reading and commenting! I always enjoy the feedback!

  5. Now that is damn amazing! Beautifully done rust, and great heads up about a product I haven't used (being a fan of oils such as the paint made by MIG Productions and AK Project). I'll make sure to find a place where I could get it in Poland. Also, concerning your scratchbuilt vehicles, have you ever heard of papercraft models designed by Eli Patoroch? If you haven't well, while I am loath to send you to a den of scum and villainy like this, but here's a thread on 4chan with a complete list: Perhaps you'd be able to adapt something to your needs.

  6. Thanks Marcin! I was very pleased about how the Sophisticated Finishes rust turned out (though apparently to someone who is color blind it looks like an attempt at camouflage painting) and plan to use it for further Nurglesque projects.

    Though the idea of delving into the bowels of 4Chan both piques my curiosity and frightens me, I'll certainly check into the papercraft models by Eli. Your experience with this has been absolutely invaluable to me and I always welcome new avenues to improve my scratch building potential. Thanks again!

  7. Hmmm... actually, you might not have to visit Yotsuba after all. A quick search, courtesy of Google, has yielded pretty unexpected fruit. Contained here (, as far as I can see, are all models done by Eli Patoroch, including the new ones. I've downloaded the Leman Russ 2011 edition, and I must say, it's really detailed, almost painfully so, with the exception or rivets. I hope that I'll be able to try some of his designs this weekend, but I hope you'll find them useful.