Friday, May 6, 2011

Troop Transport part 4

Part four will consist of beginning the detail work on the Troop Transport.

For Sale Sign

Hobby knife
Self healing cutting board
Metal ruler
White glue (Elmer’s, etc)
Hot glue gun

Print out this template and use it to make 2 wheel rim detail pieces out of the For Sale sign material.  This will help to give depth to the Transportchassis.  After cutting the two pieces out, fit them to either side of the Transportby spreading the white glue from one end to the other.  Be sure not to overdo the glue.

Along the top-front angle and top-back angle of the wheel rim, cut and place pieces of the For Sale sign material to create the raised area as seen in the images.  There will be a total of 8 pieces which need to be made for this purpose.

Now cut a piece of the sign to make a rectangle that is 2 ½” by 1 ½”.  Score the piece between the 1” and ½” mark.  We now have the beginnings of our viewport.

Cut another strip that is ½” by 2 ½”.  Design the piece so that it resembles the piece in the picture below.  Glue it below the viewport just as it appears in the image below.

That pretty much covers this week.  On Monday we will start to finish up some of the detail work such as the hatch for the top of the Transport, exhaust ports, and finishing up the viewports.


  1. i'll replace it this weekend. sorry about that Travis!

  2. Hey there! Newish reader to your blog, just printing out your Rhino and Land raider guides but in each there seems to be a template or two missing. Any chance you could go over them or post an update with the extra templates?

  3. Again, I'm sorry, I completely forgot about this template. In fact, hold off on building the Rhino until I can shrink the size to accurately represent the Rhino as this one is noticeably larger than it should be.

    The Land Raider should be correct.... I'll take a peek and see what's up there. Probably Blogger losing bits on me!

  4. I think the hatches on the Land Raider template are missing. It's not the end of the world as it's one of the easier parts to cludge, but it's notable by it's absence.