Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Troop Transport part 5

We’re getting awful close to finishing this tutorial!  On to part 5…

For Sale Sign
Stick pins

Hot glue gun
Hobby Knife
Cutting mat
Sand paper
Hand drill
Scotch tape

Now we’re going to work on the hatch which goes on the top of the tank.  Cut a piece out of the For Sale Sign which is 2 ¼” by 2 ½”.  Use the template provided here to complete the door hatch.  Glue the pieces slightly separated to give the appearance it can be opened on the top of the Transport.

Cut the template for the exhaust ports out and cut 4 pieces out of the For Sale sign.  Be careful not to bend the plastic so far as the pieces come apart.  After cutting them out, use scotch tape to keep the form.   Use hot glue the inside crevices.  After these 4 are cooled, remove the tape and hot glue the exhaust ports on either side of the tank as it appears in the image.

Very carefully sand all the edges of the tank.  This will remove much of the scratch built look and lend a natural smoothness to the model.

After this is completed, drill holes tiny holes in all the areas you want rivets to appear.  Anywhere the pins appear to be too long the pin will need to be cut using a wire cutter.  If the pin is loose fitting, be sure to glue it into place.

With that, we complete the 5th piece of the tutorial.  Our tank is nearly complete and only requires a couple more details before it is ready to prime and paint!

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