Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rust effects are a go!

A bit of a short post today...

After reading Bigred's post on Bell of Lost Souls covering Sophisticated Finishes easy rust effects, I decided I really wanted to use this in my mostly Nurgle Chaos Space Marine themed army.  However, I would need a test...

I am simply blown away by how fantastic this turned out.  Two coats and a liberal application of the enacting agent and overnight you get fantastic rust effects.

The randomness of the rust and the simply realistic look of it all has me excited to see how this will turn out for the actual models in the army (yes, I have more than a couple scratch built blight drones... 9 to be exact).

I decided on the 4 oz. bottles since I would be covering a large portion of my army with rust and decay.  Now the only test will be if I can keep the iron focused enough to give diversity to the model without it becoming overwhelming!

I'll be spending all day applying this to my 2k point Chaos Space Marine army.  Wish me luck!

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