Monday, April 30, 2012

More Eldrad Progress- Marble Staff, Bone Armor, etc

Ever notice that no matter how much time you think you have to do hobbying, it's never quite long enough?  Welcome back all to SB40k.  I've spent the last couple days trying to finish the Eldrad model I began repainting a few days earlier.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to complete the model as I've been a bit ambitious with this particular sculpt.  For now, though, I will be able to share the progression from the last update up to today.

I began with the back of the cloak since I knew if this didn't work, I'd have to start over again and this would be the most time consuming part of the model.

I then painted the inner cloak area, the grey inside of the outer cloak and the red inner cloak area up to the arms.  I also began the bone armor at this point (and in retrospect could have put off this step until later on).

After the main section of bone armor, the staff received the marble treatment.  I sponged foul green (Citadel Game Colour paint) onto the staff and then used white to add the veins to the marble.  To bring the coloring together I used a watered down green ink.

Then I began the work on the helm.  The reds highlighted from black are very similar to the Guardians I painted and the face to echoe the bone armor.

On to the silver areas!  I despise metallic paints so whenever possible I avoid them and use blending to give the impression of metallics.  The gold bands still need to be darkened in some areas.

And finally the gem areas where I have completed painting underneath.  The rest of the gems will be painted after the sword and staff are completed.

As I said, a long way to go yet, but so far the model is progressing nicely.  Seeing where we began and the process taken to get there can help us discover better ways to paint the models and speed up the process.  I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who voted in the poll on the right.  Glad to know others agree that the new color scheme works better than the old!


  1. I have to say, that is far and away the most awesome Eldrad I've ever seen... Good work :-)

    1. High praise indeed! I hope the final product can live up to such a statement. ::gulp!::

  2. He's coming along awesomely. I love that phoenix, and the fact that you've carried the motif throughout the color scheme. Ace work.

    1. I love most of the phoenix, but part of me still wants to mess with the head a bit. Must resist! I'm pleased that you like the paint scheme so far and hope I don't disappoint with the final product.