Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eldrad is almost there...

This one is taking longer than I anticipated, though it shouldn't be too surprising considering it's a character and generally a centerpiece to the army as such.  Still, I'm twisting myself into knots on how to proceed after the sword is completed-

I decided I liked the marble on the staff so much I'd continue the effect onto the sword.  The staff is almost finished and just needs some touches on the masks on either side as well as the gems I didn't get to previously (though that will be last).  What vexes me at this point are the bags and straps at Eldrad's hip.  I fear continuing with the obvious color choice of green and am thinking of going with the black and grays similar to the inside of the cloak.

That would be another thing- I'm not sure I'm done there either.  Part of me isn't satisfied with that result and wants to give it another go.  We shall see.  I believe the model will be finished by Monday and I'll have a proper leader to send my troops into battle!  Until then, happy hobbying.

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