Monday, April 9, 2012

Wraithlord turned Wraithseer

Welcome back scratch builders and 40k enthusiasts!  A few months ago I decided to update my old Wraithlords to fit more with the current look but still retain a lot of the old model feel to them.  Today I share my attempt at the Wraithseer.

And then I play my air guitar like THIS!

First we'll start with the model itself.  As you can see, I've removed the flamer and shuriken catapult from the arms as the Wraithseer doesn't have these options.  I've also added shoulder pads, knee pads, and pushed up the head to include a cowl piece like I did for the other Wraithlords.

My favorite addition, however, is the spear.  Using a copper tube, a pulse laser left over from the Forge World Hornet, and some plasticard, I was able to create a weapon that looks like it would be wielded by a giant alien construct.

Dead Space Marines make great resting steps.

Putting on the Ritz!

Now I just have to decide if I want the blade end up or down.  I think I have my own preference but I'd like to know what you all think.  Up or down?


  1. I like it up.

    Have you ever thought about doing a tutorial on a Necron Monolith?

    1. That's the way I was leaning as well. Hopefully I'll have a chance to paint it in the next day or two.

      Hm, I hadn't really considered it, tbh. The Monolith seems like a vehicle which would be fairly simple to build and after the new book came out I can't imagine the demand for one would be all that high. Is this something I'm wrong about?

  2. up also for me :)

    i will also repositioning the claw of the dead terminator, maybe parallel to the terrain.

    PS: sorry for my terrible english ;)

    1. I understand you perfectly, marco. No need to apologize! I agree with you and jdfnerdboy96 the staff looks best in the upward position. I'll have to put some work into straightening out the arms (though that could be tough since the arms are fit at an angle which might make straightening them somewhat problematic).