Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eldrad Progress Picture

Sometimes I take a very long time to paint a miniature.  Often this is due to a desire to get the coloring just right or I'm trying something new, but more often than not it's a fear of having to start over again from the beginning.  Ultimately I pick up the brush and begin again despite this concern.

I've returned to using a wet pallet whenever possible to get smoother color transitions and allowed myself to try my hand at free painting again.  The phoenix on the cloak still isn't perfect, but I think for my level of painting skill it's as good as it is going to get until I practice more and 'break through' my current painting ceiling.  The inner cloth needs another highlight of red yet to give it the coloring I want, but I really like how the bone armor has turned out.  I've done the actual bone look in the past but I really like this look more, a sort of metallic bone.

Hopefully by Monday I'll have this finished, though I think it may be another progress picture since each step seems to take me a while to decide where I want to go with it.  Still a lot to do on this model!


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    1. Thank you, pchappel! I was pleasantly surprised at how well the phoenix turned out and I can only hope the rest of the model falls into place as easily as that did.