Monday, April 2, 2012

Gems Gems Everywhere Gems

Welcome back fellow hobby enthusiasts to another update on my Eldar army repainting in progress.  Though it may appear not much has progressed on this front, I've actually made great headway on the Eldar army.  With that, on to the pictures!

This is the Eldar Hornet so far.  I've only done a little detailing so far, so what you see is a very basic paint scheme so far.  The underside was painted with the airbrush using Model Air intermediate blue followed by light grey as a highlight.  The top was based in black and highlighted in select areas with red.  The windshield I painted by painting it a dark blue, drew the lines with bluerlm65, and then went over it again with the dark blue.  Gems are various shades of green up to a little yellow.  When I'm feeling brave, I'll begin the drawing for the freehand which will adorn this and the other vehicles in the army.

I've also painted the Eldar Missile Launchers for the two Wraithlords.  I still have to do a little detail on them and create the swords they will be wielding, but they are looking pretty good for a WIP.

By this point painting gems was making me absolutely crazy.  I still have to bring out the reds on these Guardian models and pick out some extra details.

Overall, not bad for a week of painting!  I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll have all of these models done to table-top quality and will be able to move on to the second Hornet, the Warp Hunter, and the Wave Serpent.  However, if I'm feeling overwhelmed by gems (which is very possible) I may finish modeling the Wraithseer I've been building and have that prepared for next Monday.

On a side note, Ron (of From the Warp), and I have been discussing what it would take to create a Space Marine shoulder pad stamping method and have a theory on how best to do this.  I think it would be a one color process which would allow people to detail the initial stamping but will allow for a uniform look to the shoulder pads which would save time.  Any interest in seeing my process and seeing my successes/failures in this?


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