Monday, March 26, 2012

More Wraithguard, 2 Wraithlords started, Harlequins updated

Hello everyone!  As I have begun repainting my Eldar army, I figure this time I would use all of the skills I have picked up so far. I've enjoyed showing off how far I've come and plan to share just how ambitious I wish to be with the project when it is completed.

First, we'll start with the Harlequins-

This Shadowseer I painted during a craft festival my wife was attending.  The natural light did wonders for my painting and I had just decided to start using a wet pallet.  It was also my first attempt at the non-metal metal technique, which I feel was only mildly successful.  There's not a whole lot I would change on this model as I think it's one of the best I've done.

Fairly stock Harlequin.  Right now my plans include doing something on the back of the cloak (maybe some theater masks, comedy/tragedy) to remove some of the blank space.  I'd also repaint the backpacks as they were meant to work with the old color scheme and the new scheme is so different it seems sort of strange to look at next to each other.

Again, something with the back of the cloak.  Painting that checker pattern inside the cloak gave me fits and I found myself painting a square, undoing it, repainting it over and over again.

Other than fix the hair and maybe do some highlighting on the sword and gun probably not much to do here. Looks a little 'Superman'ish though, doesn't it?  I think the blue and red boots are what does it.

With this one, probably find a way to redo the sword and lighten the purple checker a bit.  Right now it's just too dark and doesn't separate enough, tending to blend together what should be contrasting and bright.

On to the new stuff!

Progress on the Wraithguard have been somewhat slow, really.  The red paint for my airbrush clogs more frequently than I like and causes quite a few delays.  Fortunately I was able to finish the red and paint all of the gems to my satisfaction.  Still, I have to decide on a hose color, though that will probably be green as well (there is enough red and more black/grey would just look as it does now).

Wraithlords Ahoy!  At the moment I am planning out some swords for these guys and am left with some detail work for missile launchers to go over the shoulder (a la Predator style).  Since they are magnetized I can add or remove them as I please.  After painting the model, the Milliput additions I made no longer seem so obtrusive or out of place.  Still, there is a lot I can do for these guys and I think it will take some time for me to figure out just what.

And for SebastionSynn, the weapons platform thruster images.  Afraid they don't look all that exciting!  I figured since no one would see them, there wasn't a whole lot I needed to do to them.

Well, that's it, really.  This week I'm hoping to finish the hoses, paint the Wraithlord missile launchers, and perhaps even begin converting a third Wraithlord to act as my Wraithseer.  Till next time, happy building all!


  1. Beautiful work on the Harliquins, the Shadowseer is particularly nice! The Wraithguard look dour and menacing, really like that paint scheme. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Mordian7th, I'll most certainly try!

  2. thanks for the pics of the grav thrusters on the platform, i see now how it was done.

    I have to ask you how you did your diamond patterns on your Harlequins, diamonds are still giving me fits, as i can't seem to get them to line up right. I start out by drawing the diamonds with a pencil and at first it comes out just fine, but by the time i get to the bottom of something like a cloak, they are skewed and no longer line up right.

    1. Sure thing!

      The trick is to use something with a straight edge to get a visual feel when drawing your lines. I prefer to use a 3"x5" note card for this as it can bend easily but is firm enough to not be unwieldy.

      Also, draw all of the lines going in one direction, then draw all of the lines going in the other. If you alternate, you are more likely to have your mind play tricks on you and bend your lines. It can be tricky at first, but once you get the basic lines down the rest sort of falls into place.

      I hope I've helped, and if you have any other questions I'm always happy to help as best I can.