Friday, September 30, 2011

Floating head flame horror progress

Thought I'd drop a few pictures of the progress I've made in my quest to have floating heads for my Horror of Tzeentch units.  Overall I plan to have 30 Horrors (28 for the troops choices and 2 for blue scribes... still no idea how I'm doing that one).  Every one of the pieces I'm using is resin cast and ready for assembly/trimming.

This piece I've already begun trimming.  Next will be fine trimming, fixing any errors, and filling in the gaps.  Hopefully in the next couple days they will all be ready for priming/painting!

The bottom piece is indeed the drum Pink Horror from the old days.  The top of the head is resin cast from a mold I made using Sculpey and attempted sculpting flame from (which I'm horrible at!).  Here's hoping it looks nice after primed and painted.

I look forward to having 30 floating heads deepstriking onto the board alongside 17 Flamers of Tzeentch.

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