Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ignore that last post

In the last post I sent out a request for help from you, gentle readers.  However, I think I found a solution to my conundrum.  What I wanted was a flame type model to represent my Horrors (fitting in better with the general Tzeentch theme of the army instead of the old big hand horrors).  The current solution involves...

Not my Horror...
I will take the 3 or so of these I have, chop off the arms and legs, and add flames to the top of the head area.  Later today I'm going to do some shopping around to find toy campfire flames that will fit in that area.  That way I'll have my floating horror flame balls which fit better with the whole army concept in general.  As they progress, I'll be sure to document my failures and successes along the way!

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