Monday, September 19, 2011

Soul Grinder update

Hello everyone, just thought I'd give an update on the progress I'm making on the first Soul Grinder (the other will be soon to follow).  Since this is going to be used in an all Tzeentch Daemon list, I want with Gotthammer's suggestion to highlight with yellow, and I think it really helps add some pop to the model which was missing.

There are a couple things which still need to be painted, though.  The fleshy bits on the front legs and claw are still in need of a paint job, and to be quite honest I'm reluctant to pull out the airbrush to try to paint them (though I will).  The current plan is to wait until the second Soul Grinder is at the same place this one so I don't have to tape off sections a second time around and might save a little time and paint.

I also need to add some highlights to the blades on the sides and the leg shields so they aren't so mono-colored.  The final piece that I'm struggling with are the hoses.  Should I go with the yellow, or keep them black with grey highlights?  Is there another color I should go with, or would that be too distracting on the model?

Hopefully I'll be able to decide what to do soon!

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