Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scratch Built Landraider 2, Future Horrors of Tzeentch

Welcome back scratch builders!  We are now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Hopefully everyone was understanding of my rant post and are ready to move on with me to the creative side of the hobby.

The other week I had posted pictures of the Landraiders I had been working on.  Things have progressed a little bit in that regard.

I apologize for the darkness of the photos, the lighting in my current workroom leave something to be desired.  When it warms up the images will improve drastically.  Since last time I added the middle portion of the tank and have begun creating the front gate.  The plan is to duplicate this with resin to ensure the pieces are uniform, much like the wheel tracks.

I've also been inspired by my last post to begin the Tzeentch Brain troop sculpt.  Bear with me, it isn't very far along yet, but here it is.

You can see I divided the left and right lobe and sculpted the rest of the top area.  I'll be hopefully working on the bottom and spinal column, which will actually complete the general model.  I may look into plastic bubbles of some sort to encase the model's brain area after they've been painted to give the impression of a forcefield, representing the 5++ armor save of the brains.  Of course the spine will stick out the bottom, representing its vulnerability.

That's pretty much the start of the army.  Next week I may lay out my plan for creating the entire army and set up a schedule for timely completion.  Since I tend to lose sight of my goals I think this might be a good way to quickly complete a task which may prove daunting.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my little projects.  I hope it has inspired you to take matters into your own hands when it comes to modeling and save yourself a little of the green stuff we all are finding so hard to come by these days!


  1. Im always glad to see updates. :-) Will you be posting templates for the new style land raider?

  2. Thanks Colonel! I'm planning on using the ones I'm building here as a dry-run to help with the templates I will do. That way the tutorial should have much less errors in it :)

  3. So these brains will be your horrors? Love the idea - have you got plans for any other Tzeentch units?

  4. Yup, these brain models will make up my Horror troops. I'm not entirely certain what I will do for the other Tzeentch models atm. I'm thinking I may see if I can sculpt jawbones for the units which will be the Heralds.

    I already have some custom Screamer models on this post here:

    As for a Lord of Change, I'm not entirely certain. I suppose I could sculpt a super large brain, but it would be hard to have Daemon Princes on the same size bases looking the same.

    If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

  5. Do you you have a template or a tutorial for these land Raiders ??

    Your 3 part RH1N0 tutorial was so awesome ... I think you could edit the bottom of those posts with an added link to each part of the tutorial ... Quite easily ... Which would really help for navigating ...

    1. But the templates are very clear and detailed and the pictures are very useful at each step throughout your detailed tutorial ....

      Thank you so much