Monday, March 25, 2013

Finished Brain Horror Squads, What's to Come, and a Battle

Welcome back one and all.  Today I'll be covering the Brain Horror finished models, the future plans for the other Daemon units, and even talk about a game I played this weekend (wait, this is a game, too?).

The Horror Brains are a blast to put together.  Easy to paint and different than everything out there right now, which is what I really wanted with this.

I may still include a highlight to the edges of the shields, but for now I like how they look.  I also like the base being so much heavier than the model, almost negating any chance of 'tipping model' syndrome, which can be incredibly frustrating when it occurs.

Right now I have 21 of these finished and based, one of which painted a blue/white to represent the Herald of Tzeentch.  He stands out enough to prevent confusion and others can pick him out in the crowd of models.

This leads me to what I plan to do for the rest of the army.  Right now I'm loving the Brains, but the army can't just be Brains, right?  We're going to need models to represent Lords of Change, not to mention the other 3 Chaos God models in the book.

It hit me one night that a perfect Lord of Change model to fit in with the army would be a UFO, modeled in the old style of UFO's of the 40's and 50's.  But what of the other gods?  Why, Khorne would be awesome as 50's style robots!  How cool would it be to have a Science Fiction Picture Show feel to the entire army?  Nurgle will be killer plants of course.  The only one I'm stuck on is Slaanesh, though.  I need a science fiction style which fits the idea of being fast and deadly, but I can still sculpt it without too much trouble.  I'm sure it will come to me, eventually making it to the table top to get oohs and aahs from those who view it.

Speaking of table tops, I was even able to get a game in this weekend!  Though my concerns regarding the Tzeentch Daemon army were showcased in the game, it was still incredibly fun.  I expected the random nature to frustrate me intensely, but overall it wasn't as bad as I anticipated and overall evened out.  The Warp Storm table didn't really affect the game other than giving my units improved armor saves for two rounds.  I get the feeling if we had played a larger game thins would have been more pronounced (it was a 500 point game), but I mostly played to the mission and was able to keep ahead of the game by killing my opponent's troops early on and getting linebreaker and first blood.  Neither one of us took an objective, funnily enough!

Anyways, the game was a blast and I'm hoping I can get more models finished soon to play some more.  I'd like to get a larger game in to test out some of the other units in the codex.

Till next time, happy gaming.  Don't forget to enter the contest to win a fully painted Eldrad!


  1. I like them. Love the idea of a 50s Sci-Fi film. Slaabesh would be difficult. You've got Aliens, Robots, and Plants. What about giant insects?

    1. Giant insects would be fantastic. I haven't settled yet, but a part of me had thought maybe dinosaurs would be a good move, a sort of 'Land Before Time' theme.

      Thanks, Eric! You've given me a lot to think about and I'll have to look into what I can do as far as an army of insects! Giant ants, maybe? :D

    2. First thing that came to mind was ants. Then it was cockroaches. And the other one I was thinking was Preying Mantis.

      As far as dinosaurs, I could see raptors working.

      If you make display boards, I could see a "warzone" drive-in movie theater looking awesome with these models.

    3. Love the display board idea! That would be fantastic for the army!!

      The giant ants is also a great idea and would work well as Seekers, so long as it is in the 1 1/2" range (Think I found something that will work). Sometimes it's nice to not have to sculpt the entire army!

    4. I can't wait for this throw back army to be completed! It sounds like a lot of fun to make! I made a Carnival themed Ork army back in 5th. It wasn't scratch built, but converted from GW models. It had Klown Walkers, a Ring Master Big Mek, Bearded Lady Big Mek, and all the sideshow freaks you can imagine. Was a blast to make and see on the table. I always encourage making a army yours and unique. Just discovered your blog, but it's already book marked.

    5. That carnival ork army sounds fantastic and I'd love to see it!

    6. I'm not the best painter, and need a better camera. I can dig then out and try to take some better pictures. Here's the link to my army progress. Since 6th, I haven't done anything to the army. When the new York codex comes out, I'm sure I'll add more.

    7. Lol, I love it! It's a fantastically unique army. Very cool!

    8. Thanks! I've been too caught up on Chaos to break them out. It was a Kan Wall list, and 6th doesn't seem too kind to Kans, lol.

  2. I'd have to say giant mutated bugs is definitely within the target feel of the army and fits the idea well. 50's 60's horror tropes.

    Or you could go with the ultimate fast moving schlocky sci fi movie idea.


    The Idea of rolling Tomatoes striking fear into the hearts of your opponents fills me with glee.

    1. haha, that would be excellent as well! I haven't begun any of the Slaanesh ones yet, so we'll see where I decide to go with it. I'm really excited to begin the robots next.

      Such cheesy goodness!