Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painting Typhus- From Beginning to End

Hello fellow scratch builders and money savers!  I've been working on the Typhus model i received with my Chaos Codex and thought it might be fun to go over the thought process I followed in painting him.

Here we have the primed, unpainted model.  This being my first Finecast model, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it looked.  I've heard a lot of concerns regarding Finecast, but it seems as thought GW has worked through most of the early problems they had.

Base color put onto the model, a Vallejo green color I found at a local hobby store, German Fieldgrey WWII.

Here I used Liquitex's green ink added to the model to add darkness to the recessed areas.

Yes, I drybrushed over the ink using the German Fieldgrey WWII, and no matter how often I see people complain about the technique, I can't help but continue to use it.  It's fast and effective.  I also mixed the Fieldgrey with Game Color's Bone White.  German Grey was used as the base coloring for the grey areas, highlighted with White.

Began painting the browns on the scythe, the nurgling, and the pouch.  Game Color's Chocolate Brown as a base color for the wood, highlighted with Game Color's Filthy Brown.  For the Nurgling and the pouch I started with Game Colors Chocolate Brown, highlighted with Filthy Brown and Green Ochre.

Here we see an actual divergence in the model, noticing more highlights, the reddish/brown coloration to the bulbous areas and the highlights to the pouch and Nurgling.

And here is the base I decided to create.  I wanted something somewhat swamp like.  I knew vegetation would be essential to the base, and was unsure how to create the proper look to thick vegetation.  To solve this, I decided to take the static grass and leaf mixture I created and simply added some PVC glue (commonly known as white glue, like Elmers) and stirred it up.  Instead of appearing thin, the base looks full and filled with vegetation.

Here I've added more highlighting and added an arm under the vegetation.

And the 'final' images.  Added additional details to the Nurgling such as the teeth and eyes, some more brown highlights on the armor, and detailed the scythe.  On Monday I plan to pick up some easy water effects to add to the outer areas where the swamp water is meant to be.  I may do some testing on another base first to ensure I don't make a horrible mistake on this model as I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Till next time, take care and happy gaming :)


  1. Very nice! and I use the same technique sometimes, with the ink then drybrush.

    1. Thanks! I've used the technique, abandoned it, and then gone back to it so many times I've lost count. For speed, it simply can't be beat. It looks good, too.

  2. Great work, Krisken! I think Typhus stands out among the HQs in the new dex. He's not cheap points-wise, though. Now I'll have to buy one.

    1. Yup, he's certainly a high cost character, but as a Daemon player I'm pretty used to that. The only thing I don't like is the lack of Eternal Warrior. I figure he's fairly tough though at 2+ 5++ and FNP on top of it.

      Glad you like what I've done to the model :) Hopefully the water effects I pick up today can enhance it even further.