Monday, March 12, 2012

Unboxing the Warp Hunter and Hornets

Welcome back everyone to SB40k.  Despite my earlier woes on the time I would have to wait for the Forge World order made at the very end of February, the models arrived fairly quickly.  Friday I was greeted by the package at the front door and it didn't take me long to dive right in.

I quickly removed all the contents to get a better idea of the kind of work lay ahead of me.

The Warp Hunter appears to be a lot of work but was probably the easiest to assemble.  Basically it is a Fire Prism with Forge World bits in place of the Prism Cannon.  The Hornets, on the other hand, were quite a bit of work.

Coming in at almost all resin casting, I was surprised at the lack of air bubbles and flaws.  For the most part I only had to worry about removing extra resin and trimming away any excesses.  The Hornets had an assembly guide (though I'm not entire sure it was very important as the model was fairly self explanatory) but the Warp Hunter I was left to fumble with (I may have left off an extra bit or two which I'll add later on if needed).

Overall the resin fit together nicely and the kits were a joy to put together.  These will make great additions to the army and I'm excited to get right down to painting them.

As an added bonus, the Hornets both came with weapons sprues.  The Hornet pictured above has the metal Scatter Lasers from my Wraith Lords attached as I decided the WL would use Bright Lances and Missile Launchers (which came with the sprue) and not the Scatter Lasers they already came with.  In the end I had just the right amount of each weapon that I wouldn't have to trade with someone for the ones I needed.  Bonus!

Well, that's it for today.  I may update again later this week with some progress I've made in hobbying (adding flock and leaf litter to the Emperor's Pride army and modernizing old Wraith Lords).  Till then, happy gaming all and thanks for reading!


  1. :-) Not magnetizing the weapon mounts? Looking REALLY nice... Guess there are a few more things on my "When I have spare money" wish list...

    1. Heh, not this time, though I can easily go back and do so if I want to. I'm used to magnetizing metal models, so fixing these will be a piece of cake!

  2. nice, I got my hornet off Ebay and it only came with the pulse lasers and both were bent just like my scorpion and rev titan. can't wait to see these painted up. if you wouldn't mind doing a more detailed WIP of their painting it might help me with my painting and inspiration for my models themselves.

    1. My resin weapons were bent as well, but a little hot water softened them up enough I could straighten them right out.

      A WIP painting I hadn't really thought of! I'll give it a shot, though I must admit I am more than a little intimidated by vehicles in general. For now I'm working on the troops and will start small to get an idea how I want these to look. I'll certainly do my best though!