Friday, February 10, 2012

Custom Made Banner for Custom Chapter

Ok, I know I'm posting way too much this week (don't want to raise expectations that this many posts will be common place) but I am too pleased with myself not to share.  Below is the chapter banner I made in about 6 hours for my Pride of the Emperor chapter.

For my first banner, I am quite pleased with the results.  I wanted it to look like stained glass and I think I did an ok job pulling it off.  Now I just need a standard bearer to put it on!


  1. Love it. Maybe taking a very fine tip drawing pen and going over all the small distinctions between each piece of "glass" will give it a better look. I can imagine them using thick thread to separate the overall shapes like the lion from the background and then thinner thread lines to break up the colors of each element. Similar to a real stained glass window.

    Overall though, very cool.
    Ron, FTW

  2. I was really worried that if I went over the lines again with the fine tipped pen I'd wreck it, but after doing so it does indeed look better.

    Thanks for the tip and I'm glad you like it!