Saturday, February 25, 2012

And the winner of SB40k's Chaos Titan is...

Hello everyone, welcome to the Scratch Built 40k winner announcement.  It was an exciting contest and I am thrilled by the responses it generated.  I hope everyone has had a good time at the site and comes back for future posts and tutorials.

So the winner of this Chaos Warhound Titan...

... is The Jersey General!

And the crowd goes wild!  ::yay::

The Jersey General, please send me your contact information at so I can send you this massive construction!


  1. Well done General !!!

    Great comp K - TY


  2. Thank you for this great centerpiece to my Chaos army. Expect to see pictures of it surrounded by my current collection as soon as it arrives.

    1. Congratulations The Jersey General! I'll box it up tonight and have it shipped out to you tomorrow!