Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tutorial Land Raider Mk1 Part 2

Welcome back scratch builders.  Today we will continue to build upon the frame of the Land Raider Mk 1.

Plasticard (For Sale signs)
Clear Scotch tape

Standard size hole punch
1/8" Hole punch
White glue
Super glue
Hobby knife
Self healing cutting mat
Metal straight edge ruler

Begin by cutting out the template below and making 2 copies of each from the Plasticard.  Glue these into place using either the white glue or the super glue.

On all but the front/top slope of the wheel rim, cut strips of Plasticard with a width of 3/16" to fit and cover the exposed styrofoam.  For the front/top slope cut a piece which is the exposed length and 3/8" wide.  Cut a 45 degree angle at each side so it looks like the image below.

Cut out 2 rectangular strips from the Plasticard which is 1 1/2" long by 1/4" wide.  Make slits at the 1/4" mark measured from the top and the bottom and carefully bend it in these two areas.  Glue onto the tank as it appears on the image below on either side of the tank.  Also, use the 1/8" hole punch to make 28 holes from the Plasticard and place them in the center of the standard sized hole punches already on the model.

Now use the following template to cut out the side door frames.

Glue the larger frame and the smaller frame together with even spacing all around..  Do this twice.  Place the door frames at the rear on the sides of the model, about 1/4" from the bottom and 1/8" from the side trim piece

Cut 4 of the small pieces out and cut slits under the doors and glue the pieces in as seen in the image below.

As you can see, I've also added smaller rivets to the trim pieces.  This was achieved by using a small copper tube and a hand drill and pressing it into the plasticard over and over until I got the amount of rivets I wanted (this process can be seen in the Dreadclaw tutorial seen here).

Now take the Plasticard and cut 4 1 1/4" by 1/2" strips.  One of these cut right down the middle length wise.  On front door hatch area place a split piece on either side with the long angled side facing the rim wall.  Place another direction in the center.  The pieces should be even with the top and sticking out of the bottom of the piece.  Now place the last two on the bottom piece as seen in the image below.

As you can see, it now looks like a hatch which can open and close.

Since the next bit is incredibly fiddly and complex, I will save it for next time.  At that time I will cover making the treads, the front bolters, and the Las Cannon (yes, scratch built).  Till next time, take care all!

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