Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eldar Jetbike Custom Build, Part 4

Hello all, welcome back to SB40k!  Been putting a lot of time into these Jetbikes, and they are starting to shape up the way I had envisioned.  On to the pictures!

If you don't remember where we left off last week, the vehicle was looking a little like a pointy shoe...

I had always planned to make some fins for the vehicles.  This is what I came up with.

After attaching two pieces to the vehicle it really started to take shape and looked less blocky.

Same vehicle, different angle.

After attaching the bottom piece, I decided it needed a nice base underneath to keep it upright.  I copied some fancy bases I have lying around and used those.  I put the Guardian inside to give an idea on how it would look with a passenger.

A group of three set side by side.

Not quite done yet.  I still wish to fill in the gaps by the rear fins, apply gems on the vehicle, and add engines to the back.  Very close to finished with these and almost ready to make proper rubber molds for these.  Once that is done, I think I can pump out a squad of 3 every week.  That would be much quicker than I had been going so far!



  1. Hi, I'm a massive fan of your work and I'd like to discuss with you a possible collaboration project. Could you drop me a mail on mlcroucher (at) gmail (dot) com.


    1. Consider me curious and intrigued! Email sent.