Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eldar Jetbike Custom Build Part 1

Welcome back everyone to SB40k.  Today I share with you the first step of my journey to create a Jetbike size vehicle for my Eldar army.

I've begun by tracing the actual Eldar Jetbike model from long ago (I have a penchant for older models) and cutting out a piece which represents half of the model.  The reason for doing this is to make sure the left and right side of the model are identical.

Below we can see a comparison of the Eldar Jetbike and the piece which I have cut out of the plastic.

I then took the piece above and copied it by using two sided scotch tape and attaching it to another piece of plastic and cutting it out.  Below you see the results.

Of course it was after making some extra layers and attaching them I realized the test model I was using was sitting too high, making for an awkward looking model.  I began to cut a hole out of the piece to ensure any of the models I plan to have 'ride' the vehicle would be able to stand lengthwise or side to side.  This was a bit frustrating, but patience would pay off.

With the circle cut out, I decided to save some time and use the nose piece of a Jetbike to build up the front area (and save some time/money).  As you can see, the vehicle is shaping up to be a little bigger than the original at this point.

Well, that's where I am at this point in time.  I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here and I hope you are too.  Till next time, happy building!


  1. been a long time since i posted anything here, mainly because you veered off into left field with armies that don't interest me, but now i see your back with Eldar this should prove interesting to see finished. I went a different direction with my Jetlocks, and molded up the old jetbike and harlequin jetbike nose piece, then used dark eldar, guardians, shining spears, and so on, modified to look like warlocks. the project came out pretty nice looking and still gets comments from people at my FLGS.

    1. Yeah, I have two main loves, the Eldar Wraithguard and Chaos Daemons. They're just about all I've hung onto over the years and they are vastly different.

      I'd love to see those conversions! I'm still unsure which bits of my project I'll stick with or if I'll change/modify it as I go. Needless to say, I won't stop until I'm happy with my results.

      I'm glad you checked back and found something you like :)

  2. i'll see if i can get some pics on the net for you to look at between now and this weekend.