Monday, September 30, 2013

Heldrake Gains a Tail

Hey all, welcome back!  Today I'll be continuing to share the progress on my Heldrakes.  We've all seen the, ahem, 'rear hole', on the official model, and I really wanted to avoid that look.  After I took pictures a couple weeks ago, I realized the model needed something at the back in order to balance out the model.

Additionally, I needed a way to incorporate the Baleflamer into the model, and putting it in the front like the official model wasn't going to work for me.  This is what I came up with.

As you can probably tell, I used a copy of the upper leg piece, modified with circular pieces made from plasticard and duplicated, to create the segmented tail.  I then made my own tail shields using plasticard and duplicating each side separately, gluing them together at the angle I needed.  I finished it off with a cylinder with holes drilled.

What I still need to do is make the flame piece to extend past the tail, detail the wings, and create the engines which will rest under the rear wings and extend out slightly.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how things are turning out so far, but there still feels like a ton of work to do before these are ready to be primed and painted!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Soul Grinders Heldrakes

Hey all, going to keep things fairly short and just share what I've been working on.  Not long ago I finished (mostly) the Tzeentch Daemon army I had been putting together and felt it might be neat to put the finishing touches on the Chaos Space Marine army I had wanted to put together.

Regular readers might remember the Land Raiders I put together using plastic signs, copper tubes, and cardstock (that styrofoam sandwiched between paper).  Well, what I really wanted was a couple Heldrakes to go along with those Land Raiders.  I finally had the desire to start working on them.

Well, this is what I have so far.  This is only the first one and I have another set of wings to put together for the second.  What I would like to do yet is add some detail to the wings yet and create some enginesto be placed on either side of the larger wings, nestled up close to the body.

Anyways, it's getting there!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two steps forward, one step back

Hey all, welcome back to SB40k.  Been a while since I've updated, so I thought I'd at the very least share the un-progress I've made in the last three weeks, starting with the UFO Lord of Change.  After watching the 11th Company live streaming of the Nova Open, I was inspired to do more with the army and this model in particular.

Sure is a mess, isn't it?  You may remember it being an actual space ship with one gun, all put together and domed.  Well, that wasn't good enough for me anymore and I felt it was high time I make it so it could be easily duplicated so I can have Lords of Change and Daemon Princes of Tzeentch should I choose.

This required I first remove the dome at the top, cutting carefully along the edge.  I then removed the brain glued inside and carefully took off the gun you see at the bottom right of the picture above.  The plan is to have multiple guns on each shit, not just the one underslung like before.

I also created a sort of seat for the brain in the cockpit so it can be similar to the tentacles I have on the brain horrors.  When I'm done adding everything I want to this, I'm going to cast each side in rubber molding and duplicate to my hearts content.  Right now this feels like it should be super easy

My other obsession has been the idea of collapse-able terrain.  This is what I have so far, a hut without a roof.  Yeah, I know, not impressive.

What I'd hoped to do with it was make terrain which wouldn't be in my way.  I admit, it folds up easy, but with the paper on the back of the styrofoam it curls and looks sorta funny.  This is very frustrating, and from now on I'll just peel the paper from both sides and save myself some aggravation.

This base is to basically hold the walls in place.

And here are my walls.  Overall they look decent enough and if I find time I'll do more with it to fix what I am unhappy with.

On the Horror front, I've found a resin I like which shouldn't be too expensive and will harden clear and properly.  Now to see if it will look good with red ink mixed in to give it the murky blood look!

Wish me luck, and good luck with your own scratch build/painting projects.