Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Soul Grinders Heldrakes

Hey all, going to keep things fairly short and just share what I've been working on.  Not long ago I finished (mostly) the Tzeentch Daemon army I had been putting together and felt it might be neat to put the finishing touches on the Chaos Space Marine army I had wanted to put together.

Regular readers might remember the Land Raiders I put together using plastic signs, copper tubes, and cardstock (that styrofoam sandwiched between paper).  Well, what I really wanted was a couple Heldrakes to go along with those Land Raiders.  I finally had the desire to start working on them.

Well, this is what I have so far.  This is only the first one and I have another set of wings to put together for the second.  What I would like to do yet is add some detail to the wings yet and create some enginesto be placed on either side of the larger wings, nestled up close to the body.

Anyways, it's getting there!

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  1. It's certainly different. It's a hard model to replicate, but I like the pattern for your wings. Do you have a copy of the template you used for them?