Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blight Drone Sculpted and Painted

Welcome back one and all.  Over the last week or so I've spent most of my spare time putting together the blight drone and painting it up in time for tonight's post.  There are a couple things which I could still do yet, but for the most part this what it looks like.

Initially I was unsure what coloring I would use for the skin areas.  I finally decided upon the green with brown highlights because I needed the coloring to tie together with the rest of the Nurgle themed army.

I used two different rust effects on this model.  The armor plating looked quite a bit like beaten copper so I decided copper with green antiquing solution would work best.

For the engines I wanted to add some variety to the model, so I used iron and applied the rust antiquing solution.  Something that's always bothered me about vehicles in 40k were they were always supposedly made of the same materials.

In the end I think the model is fairly believable (for a bloated machine daemon from the warp).  The model was a blast to make and put together.  Painting it was a breeze and should be very easy to do again.  Only the engines are somewhat time consuming to make, but not so much to make the model frustrating to create.

Overall, this is a model I am fairly proud of since I was able to create it from start to finish.  This model was completely made by me, which makes it the very first I've done which doesn't have any parts from other sculptors.  I hope you all like it!


  1. Very nice job, well done, Its also legal for 40k now.

  2. Thank you Kiour_gr! I'm rarely this excited about a model I've completed.

    Are they considered 'legal' now? I know they've been labeled 40k approved, but GW still doesn't state if they support IA units. Hopefully soon we'll get an official "yeah, sure, use 'em!" kind of statement.

  3. That's awesome dude, major kudos to you.