Monday, August 20, 2012

20 Questions

This is apparently a thing, so I thought I'd participate.

Favourite Wargaming Period and Why?
This is a tough question.  I got my start in fantasy, so I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for that, but I'm sticking with the grim-dark future right now.  I love the modeling possibilities and how amazing the story has been so far.

Next Period, If Money Was No Object?
Fantasy, for sure.  I am a big Lizardmen fan, and when I made the choice between Fantasy and 40k, it was tough to give up the little scaley guys.

Top 5 Films?
The Crow
Grosse Point Blank
Die Hard
Dark City

Favourite 5 TV Series?
Better Off Ted
Battlestar Galactica
Magnum P.I.
Simpsons (seasons 4-9 are best)

Favourite Book and Author?
American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  The man is genius.

Greatest General - and You Can't Count Yourself?
Either my buddy Mic or Marv.  They're both whip-smart and know how to take advantage of tricks people don't expect.

Favourite Wargame Rules?
The rule of cool.  I know it isn't really a rule, but darn it if it looks cool and isn't game breaking, it's cool to me.

Favourite Sport and Team?
Not big on sports, but being a Wisconsinite probably the Green Bay Packers.

If You Had A One Use Time Machine, When and Where Would You Go?
Probably back to 1992 and smack younger self around a little, tell me that everything will be ok.

Last Meal On Death Row?
Prime rib sandwich with au jus sauce, garlic smashed baby reds, and green beans.

Fantasy Relationship and Why?
Hm, probably Rachel Leigh Cook.  Nobody looked better smashing up a kitchen to promote the anti-drug message.  She's still adorable!

If Your Life Was A MovIe, Who'd Play You?
Oh, I don't know.  Jeremy Renner I suppose.  Be his most boring role ever!

Favourite Comic Book Superhero?
Never been huge on super heroes either, really.  My favorite comic book is the Sandman.

Favourite Military Quote?

Historical Destination To Visit?
World's Fair, Chicago, 1893.  How cool would that be?

Biggest Wargame Regret?
Buying Inquisitor models.  It just didn't go anywhere and I never got a chance to play it.

Favourite Fantasy Job?
Owning a game/hobby store.

Favourite Song, Top 5
Jets to Brazil, Sweet Avenue
The Beta Band, Liquid Bird

Favorite Wargame Moment?
Deep striking all 4 of the super expensive gigantic Daemons without a mishap during an Apocalypse game.  They totally wrecked face.

The miserable git question: What upsets you?
Rude people.  Bad drivers.  People who feel the need to cheat in games.

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  1. Nice! Just did my 20 Answers as well :-)

    PS If that's your biggest wargaming regret then you are doing really well!!!