Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nurglings, Nurglings, Everywhere!

Good day all you fine folk.  I've been constantly finagling with what I hope will be my main 6th edition army in the last couple weeks, but one thing has remained constant- Nurglings.  These little guys lost quite a bit in the edition change with not being able to Go To Ground and gain an additional cover bonus, but like all Daemon models gained staying power when in combat due to the removal of Fearless wounds at the end of lost combat.

Since these cute little guys are probably going to be a mainstay of my Nurgle Daemon lists, I've been working extra hard to complete them.  This is what I have so far.

I still like the bases, but I'm definitely going to get some flower components to add, along with a little grass and trimmings.  I like how they are turning out so far, though.  Since I plan on 21 bases, they tend to take a long time to paint.

What concerns me is how things will change with the new Chaos Space Marines book due out in a month or two.  At the moment running a large squad of Plague Marines and an HQ choice like Typhus seems to fit perfectly with the needs of the army, but that might change quite a bit when the new book comes out.  Either way, we'll have a lot of choices, hopefully with a lot of Nurgle marked units to help with tallies.  The Tally Man must keep track!

Till next week!

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