Wednesday, July 18, 2012

25mm bases painted up

Welcome back to SB40k.  Today I'm going to show off some of the 25mm bases I made for my Nurgle troops.  However, the Plaguebearers aren't quite ready so I'll be showing the converted Plaguebearers that are representing Flamers of Nurgle (Tzeentch).

As you can see, I've followed the same style as on the 60mm bases I've made for the Daemon Princes.  I found the pods in the center of the base a little awkward to work around and place the models on, but they weren't too difficult to adjust.  I'm also thinking of adding Nurglings to bases which have the space to permit it, giving the sense that the little buggers are everywhere.

Hopefully next week I'll have some of those based as well.  With the changes that have come from 5th edition to 6th, there isn't a whole lot which I plan to change other than adding some Chaos Space Marine allies, probably lose the Plaguebearer-Flamers (shame since they are so neat), and add Epidemius.  Fliers will invariably run uncontested against my army, but I might be able to pull out wins in the table quarters category.  We shall see!

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