Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration on the blogosphere- Sculpting

Hello fellow scratch builders and miniature hobbyists.  Instead of the usual original content I provide, I'll be doing something a bit different this week- highlighting some of the amazing sculpting advice I've found recently.  As Nurgle units just beg to have additions sculpted to them, it seemed only fitting to focus on that tricky (and somewhat frustrating) part of the hobby.  So lets dive in, shall we?

First up, we have Modern Synthesist's Mr. Pink and his ongoing series How to Sculpt.  Hopefully I can do my part to help spread the invaluable knowledge presented within his site.  Part 1 covers the tools of the trade and what has worked best for him.  Part 2 deals with the putty to use, ways to cut costs of epoxy putty (especially in larger projects), and how you can speed up or slow down the curing process of your epoxy.  Part 3 focuses on the actual sculpting and tips for doing so.  Part 4 brings it all together and helps us sort out what is important to buy in order to get our sculpting endeavor started.

Next we have someone we all know and love, Ron of From The Warp.  If you've never been there you are missing out on one of the best hobby sites on the internet.  You can find a slew of stuff, like sculpting tool suggestions, power cables, sculpting icons, tabards, and facial hair.  Do yourself a favor and check this out.

We'll finish up with a site which should be obvious, Green Stuff Industries.  Use the link for sculpting or green stuff and you'll find some great green stuff add ons.

As for myself, I'm currently waiting for my green stuff, apoxy sculpt, and a tool set from Makin's which looks like this-

Till next time folks!


  1. You'll never haver uneven 28mm pizza slices again ;)

    1. They shall be the tastiest tiny pizzas this side of the Mississippi!