Thursday, January 12, 2012

Progress on tanks

Welcome back fellow gamers.  Progress in this neck of the woods may appear slow due to a lack of updates, but rest assured I haven't forgotten about this little corner of the internet of which I am facilitator.  First up, some pictures of progress on my personal project The Pride of the Emperor.

First up, the two Predators have been finished.  Painting these took a lot less time than I had anticipated.  While no army is truly 'done', I think I am happy with where these are and will slowly add little details later on to give the army flavor.  Some of these things include banners, ribbons and possibly an attempt at some free hand painting (which scares the bejeezus out of me!).

Nope, this Landraider is not quite finished.  Not even sure I like the way the brown came out on the yellow, but I'm willing to live with it for now.  Again, I'm thinking of some ribbons and banners for this vehicle and I need to paint the small ribbon banners on the side doors and the front (which can't be seen in this image).

This is the lone Razorback in the current list I made.  The weapon load out is the popular (and much hated) las/plas variant used all over.  A couple things could be done to the plasma guns yet and some exhaust ports need to be added to the vehicle yet, but otherwise it is finished.  I like how this vehicle turned out, possibly better than the others.

Well, that's the army so far.  There are two Landraider Redeemers which currently have their guns being primed and getting ready for the paint table, the three medic crosses painted on the plain shoulder pads, and the Librarian needs the shoulder book finished yet.  Outside the army I have a submarine to finish painting for a friend.

I still need to adjust the Rhino templates to reflect the size more accurately and replace two missing templates, one for the Rhino and one for the Mk1 Landraider, which I have scheduled for next week sometime.  All in all, it's been a busier 3 weeks than site updates would make things appear!  Till next time, take care all and happy gaming!

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