Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fully Painted Sanguinary Priest Conversions

Welcome back one and all!  Today I'll show the fully painted Sanguinary Priests I had put together back in November.  Somehow the images turned out spectacularly, so a definite plus.

The post with the unpainted images can be found here.

I was actually surprised the little medical packet things on the hips turned out as well as they did.  Chopped up melta bombs worked great for this purpose, and I was quite pleased with how the swords turned out as well.

Again, I absolutely love how these images turned out.  Not much more to say than that!

These 3 Sanguinary Priests will make fantastic additions to the Emperor's Children army and saved quite a bit of dough in the process.  The process was easy and well worth it!


  1. Nice job on the yellow. I like that it's muted and doesn't scream out at you. I wish the sword were like that too. I almost feel like it takes away from the armour in some ways.

    I do like the green/grey on the bases too. Adds some variety to the model.

    From the Warp

  2. I do think the color on the sword is a little distracting. I fear that I won't be able to fix that until the weather warms up and I can use the airbrush for better control over the colors. Perhaps I should have done a black blade with blue hue to it instead of the white. Still, be a few months until Wisconsin gets warm!

    Thanks for the comments Ron and thanks for reading!