Saturday, March 22, 2014

X-Wing Battle Report

Hello all, welcome back to What To Play!  This weekend I was able play a second game of X-Wing, and wow was it a close one!

Our game consisted of 150 points a side on a 3' x 3' board, 4 players each controlling 75 points.  On looking back, I think the game is a little tight in those quarters.

The beginning of the game started with the Rebellion running Han Solo and a B-Wing on the upper left flank while the upper right had Wedge and Luke, each sporting Proton Torpedo's while Luke had R2-D2 (seriously, R2 is the best upgrade in the game, hands down).

The Imperials started with 5 Tie Fighters in a formation in the bottom left, Darth Vader, a Tie Bomber, and one of the new Imperial Aces on the bottom right.  The Tie Fighters shot forward to confront the Falcon and the Advanced/Bomber/Interceptor all shot in to assist.  The Falcon needed to turn to attempt to get away from the nightmare of the Tie's, but quickly fell to their might.

Meanwhile, the B-Wing flew forward doing damage to the Interceptor and to Darth Vader.  At this point the Falcon was down to 1 hull point, and things were looking pretty grim for the Rebellion.

The Ties flew forward and ended up crashing into the Tie Bomber, causing a mass pile up.  Wedge and Luke did their best to try to take down Vader, but he managed to escape their destruction.

The Tie Bomber managed to get in front of the Tie Fighters, while the Ties finished off the Falcon and prepared to make their way to the three remaining ships.  The B-Wing flew in front of Wedge, causing him to become fatigued when he crashed into him.  However, it was at this point the Ties started to take some damage.  Wedge took some hits and was left with no shields by this point as well.

The Interceptor made a critical error in the dial and flew toward the board edge instead of away from it, leaving him no choice but to fly off the edge of the board the next round after collecting a stress token.

It was at this point Darth Vader took a critical hit and went down, taken out by Luke Skywalker (which brought me much amusement!).  Things were still looking grim, however, as there were still 4 Ties and the Interceptor doing their best to destroy the B-Wing.  Eventually, the B-Wing took too much damage and was removed from the battle.  The Tie Bomber found itself in a similar position as the Interceptor and had nowhere to go but off the board.

The Tie Fighters kept dishing out hits, but R2-D2 kept giving him his shields back.  Still, he had taken 1 hull damage and there was a real possibility the Ties could come back and shoot him down.  The Tie at the bottom of the board, however, was destined to fly off into the void, never to be seen again.  This left Luke in a much better position than I had believed possible.

Lots of reversals and shots later, Luke managed to shoot the last two Tie Fighters in a stunning upset.  By all accounts the Imperials had the game, but due to a couple bad maneuvers (choosing the wrong direction) and some asteroid hits (the funniest being Darth Vader going over an asteroid with a loop de loop, only to fly over the same asteroid) and some hot dice to make up for my really cold dice in the beginning, the Rebellion managed a win.

Well, that's my account of the events, as best as I can remember them.  Hopefully you enjoyed this battle report and if so I'd love to hear some feedback on changes I could make in the future.  I had a lot of fun playing and the outcome surprised me as much as anyone.

Till next time, happy gaming!


  1. hey man, i'm back, and ready to pass on another comment on your blog. first it's good see that you decided to stick with it and just change the name of the blog to suit the new direction. second, it's interesting to see that you and I seem to be following similar paths in gaming.

    I now own 4 Tie Fighters, 2 Advanced Ties, 2 Tie Bombers, 2 Tie Interceptors, 2 Crimson Aces, and 1 Tie Phantom. I've played several games of X-Wing, and have lost once, fought to a draw twice, and won 5 fights. eventually I will have the Fire Spray, Lambda Shuttle, and the new Tie Defender. I want to build all of them to squads of three, so that means eventually owning 9 Tie Fighters.

    we had a tournament here not long ago fighting over the new models before their release this past week, i ran a swarm of 7 tie fighters, set up as 4 academy pilots, 'Howlrunner', and two other 'named' ties. i won the first round which put me in the running for one of the four ships, but this is where i have lost the first and only game so far, as i got knocked out in the second round. my prize was the Z-95 headhunter which i sold to the player i knocked out in round 1 in exchange for him buying me the Tie Phantom on it's release.

    I'm able to do this thanks to the new job i now have that is going rather well for me, so maybe in the future we'll cross paths at an X-Wing tournament since Wisconsin isn't that far from me. :D until next time, have fun and keep gaming.

    1. Far out! I've been super slow with my updates as I also got myself a new job which is working out for me but leaves me with a lot less free time. I'm hoping to have an update this weekend and share more of my own hobby.

      The Tie Phantom, I've been eyeing that up pretty hard core myself. What a beautiful ship!

      Congrats on your tournament showing and it would be awesome if we did run into each other at a tourney! Glad to see you've come around on X-Wing!

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