Monday, April 29, 2013

Casting Models Vs. Buying from GW, Horror Bot WIP

Hello all, welcome back to SB40k!  Over the last couple weeks I've been going over making my own models, happily casting away.  As I'm starting to run out of resin, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to see if I'm actually saving myself money by doing so.  Lets find out, shall we?

First, lets begin by making a list of the supplies I needed to make the stuff I have so far.

1 Package Milliput- $12
2 Packages Instant Mold-  $26
1 Set 2 Part Resin-  $20 (bought using discount coupon)
4 Sheets Plasticard- $9
Grand Total- $67

Now, with this I have made:
1 Lord of Change (space ship)
1 60mm Base
150 30mm bases
60 Horrors (brains)
14 Flesh Hounds (bots)

Lets just ignore the bases for now.  GW costs coming up!
$29 for a box of 10 Horrors, total $174
$57.75 for Lord of Change
$49.50 for 5 Flesh Hounds (will need 3) $148.50
Grand Total- $380.25

Total Savings- $312.75

Now, like with all things, this took more time than simply buying models.  I also can reuse the Instant Mold as many times as I wish, meaning it's an expense I won't have to make again.  I may decide in the future to get proper rubber molding for some of the other troops choices to make casting easier.

So now that my little cost experiment is over, here is one of the Flesh Hounds I've begun painting.  I'm hoping to get a whole lot more done (as they are fantastic) in the near future.

Well, that's it.  I plan to have one finished for the next update, and if I can, perhaps the squad.  Till then, happy building!


  1. I do pressure casting, if you're interested.

    1. This is probably my next step, especially for the more complex pieces I'll be doing eventually. For now, though, simple pour molds have been working well for me :)