Sunday, February 3, 2013

Unexpected progress on a Chaos Sorcerer

Welcome back scratch build fans!  This week has been mostly uneventful, but there is one gem in progress- a converted Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer.

I know I said updates would slow down, but somehow I've been able to set aside Sundays to do some painting.  Remarkable considering my schedule!  It isn't finished yet, but I thought I could at least share the progress with you.

I want to keep the model similar to the Typhus and cultist models I've been painting while allowing for people to accept it isn't necessarily a Nurgle follower but a Chaos undivided sorcerer.  Still, there is lots to do yet.  His staff needs a lot of highlighting and the browns could use some added tones.  So far I'm pleased with the model and look forward to finishing him up.

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