Sunday, December 23, 2012

Completed unit of 9 Custom Screamers

Welcome back fellow hobbyists.  This project of scratch built Screamers feels like I've been at it forever, but I can finally say I have a completed unit to show off.

While it's been fun designing, casting, building, and painting the unit, it feels like a long time coming for these guys to be completed.  Still, there is one more unit for me to complete before I have the two units of 9 I'm planning on drawing from for any Daemon armies I plan on playing.  Until then, I only have the unit shown below to use.

The bases were done in the same style as the other chaos bases I made, featuring a wetland swamp theme.  These were created using broken up rocks, static grass mixed with leaf litter, and finally filled with clear Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics.  I'm regretting using this a little bit as it tends to shrink when it dries, making things in the swamp look different than when the liquid was poured.  I may look into a 2 part clear resin or other effect for my future water needs.

Other projects are moving along slowly but should have something ready for next week.  Right now, though, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor.  Till next week, take care and happy hobbying (and holidays)!

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