Monday, November 12, 2012

40k Is As Expensive As You Make It

Welcome back, all.  Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart- getting the most out of the hobby.

When I began this this blog in April of 2010, I belonged to a local playgroup in my small city in Wisconsin.  Most of us had a small budget for gaming and it was decided we would limit ourselves to one game to reduce costs.  Since most of us knew 40k and already had models for the game, it made sense to stick with the system.

Since then, however, many in the group have experienced burn-out.  Some have massive time constraints which prevent them from being able to meet up for game nights.  Others never really had the patience for a game of 40k and lost interest half-way through the game.  And yet, still others have said it's far too expensive to play the game.

I hate that one the most.  We all experience the dent in the wallet this game can present, but there are many ways we can mitigate the cost of playing table top games.  Alternate, cheaper miniature options are everywhere and present an interesting visual change from what we expect.  Scratch building the more expensive kits can do this as well.  Creating new and interesting models from existing kits or simply attempting to sculpt my own models.

I know eventually everyone will come back around and want to play some 40k again.  Until that time, I shall continue painting, enjoying the building of armies who may not see a game for quite a while.


  1. Hi Krisken,

    I think the main thing to remember is every purchase you make will be used for years to come. I still play with the Orks I bought ten years ago, try saying that about your first iPad or Playstation!



    1. Very true, and also great points! It is funny to me to see people devote piles of cash to one hobby and then complain about the cost of another.