Friday, August 19, 2011

Hobby Friday: The toys have arrived!

After waiting all week, my new toys have finally arrived.  First, the airbrush.

 Oh, for me?  Why, don't mind if I do!

Why hello there my new little friend!

I foresee a long, happy life together.

And now, for the bases which I will replicate for the Pride of the Emperor Space Marine army. 

I went with a ruins motif for the basing.  While I loved the idea of a more plains style, it honestly seemed a little dull.  This, however, will make my bases as striking (probably more so, really) than the models themselves!

At this point I'm still building the 3 Razorbacks and 2 Predators (which are super time consuming and aren't really image worthy yet) and putting together and altering Space Marines as quickly as I can into Assault Squads.  I set out to make a hobby army, and by golly that seems to be exactly what I have!  Ultimately this is a labor of love, and time will tell if I am able to show that in the final product.

Till next time!

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