Sunday, December 8, 2013

FMC list got some new UFO's

Hey all, welcome back to Scratchbuilt 40k!  I know things have been a little lean here lately, but that's not to say I haven't been doing anything hobby related.

Over the last two months I've been sprucing up the brain-horrors of Tzeentch to ensure they are up to snuff with the rest of the models and have even decided to find a way to duplicate the UFO I built to act as Fateweaver.  I figure 5 total would be enough to round out the list.

This here is what the piece looked like before tearing it apart and casting pieces in a rubber mold.

I'm not a big fan of the underslung weapon, especially since there is just one of them.  I also didn't like there was nothing in the bubble with the horror brain, made it look sorta thrown in there with no forethought.

This is what I have so far after duplication.

Only one of the UFO's has weapons so far and the bubble cockpits aren't glued into place yet.  I still have to paint the inside of the cockpit and add weapons to them.  I'm hoping to create weapons which look different for each UFO so I can differentiate them on data sheets to prevent confusion for my opponents during games.

So yeah, not a whole lot new here, just 5 all new flying monstrous creatures to add to my army :)