Monday, January 28, 2013

Heldrakes from Soul Grinders and more

Hello all, welcome back to Scratchbuilt 40k!  I found a whole lot more time to work on hobbying this week than I considered possible, so lets get right down to it, shall we?

When the Chaos Space Marine codex dropped, I liked the rules for the Heldrake but wasn't a huge fan of the model or the cost attached to it.  It's a big kit to be sure, but I was certain I could do something interesting to represent the basic size and purpose of the Heldrake while diverting from the model.

This led me to the Soul Grinder models I have floating around.  I like them well enough, but really felt the model could serve a better purpose as the base of my Heldrakes.  I've removed the upper body portion and placed the mechanical claw arm at the front of the section.

As you can tell, this is still early in development.  I have to build sets of wings to be part of the model and will need to create flying bases for the two Grinder/Heldrakes.

I've also been working on more zombies for the army, which is terribly time consuming.  I painted and decorated bases for each of the remaining models, including rebasing the Typhus model with a nicer base.

Overall, there is tons for me to do before the army can even be put on a tabletop, let alone be finished being painted.  Hopefully I will still have a decent amount of time over the next few months despite having a lot to do for schooling and work.  Till next time, happy gaming!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40k Zombies!

Welcome back one and all to the Scratchbuilt 40k zombie files.  Just kidding, sorta.  With school starting up again, I'm going to apprehensively say updates may be a little slow, especially during the next three weeks where I'm also working 40 hours a week.  I'm hoping I will be able to put aside each Sunday for painting/modeling/updating the blog, but I may miss some weeks here and there due to my personal life requirements.  Ye have been warned!

So, on to zombies.  I've been drawn more and more to the Chaos Warriors book, oddly enough because of the rumors of a Daemon book release coming in a couple months.  The zombie/ghouls I picked up from Mantic have been fantastic fun to paint.

I love these guys.  They have tons of character and are well worth their price.  After building these five, I begun to prepare the 45 remaining zombies I have floating around here to add to the CSM list I build from time to time.

This is not to say I don't have plans for the Daemons.  I love the idea of the Plaguebearers riding giant flies and will do something with that combined with the old Great Unclean One models I've been duplicating with resin.  I also need to finish painting the 9 Screamers I have on my shelf yet and am contemplating turning my Soul Grinders into weird Heldrake combinations, flying doom-grinders!  I already have one winged Soul Grinder, and adding removable wings shouldn't be too tough.

Anyways, those are my plans at the moment.  I know my ambition is quite high at the moment, but there is so much chaos going on I truly desire to stay up on things as they occur.  Take care and keep on scratch building!