Monday, April 29, 2013

Casting Models Vs. Buying from GW, Horror Bot WIP

Hello all, welcome back to SB40k!  Over the last couple weeks I've been going over making my own models, happily casting away.  As I'm starting to run out of resin, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to see if I'm actually saving myself money by doing so.  Lets find out, shall we?

First, lets begin by making a list of the supplies I needed to make the stuff I have so far.

1 Package Milliput- $12
2 Packages Instant Mold-  $26
1 Set 2 Part Resin-  $20 (bought using discount coupon)
4 Sheets Plasticard- $9
Grand Total- $67

Now, with this I have made:
1 Lord of Change (space ship)
1 60mm Base
150 30mm bases
60 Horrors (brains)
14 Flesh Hounds (bots)

Lets just ignore the bases for now.  GW costs coming up!
$29 for a box of 10 Horrors, total $174
$57.75 for Lord of Change
$49.50 for 5 Flesh Hounds (will need 3) $148.50
Grand Total- $380.25

Total Savings- $312.75

Now, like with all things, this took more time than simply buying models.  I also can reuse the Instant Mold as many times as I wish, meaning it's an expense I won't have to make again.  I may decide in the future to get proper rubber molding for some of the other troops choices to make casting easier.

So now that my little cost experiment is over, here is one of the Flesh Hounds I've begun painting.  I'm hoping to get a whole lot more done (as they are fantastic) in the near future.

Well, that's it.  I plan to have one finished for the next update, and if I can, perhaps the squad.  Till then, happy building!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Flesh Hound stand in progress- killbots on treads

Hello all, welcome back to SB40k.  Things are progressing nicely here with the scratch building of the Daemon force.  Figuring 40 brain Horrors would be enough for now, along with Heralds to lead them, I've switched gears to focusing on the Flesh Hounds and their design.

I began by measuring the approximate size of the Flesh Hounds, deciding a total height of 1 1/8" would be acceptably close to the actual models.  Length is just under 2" and width is 3/4".  With that said, on to what I've come up with so far!

In the above picture you can see the treads, weapon arm, and sawblade which are to be duplicated and form the bases of much of the model.  The entire model has been made using For Sale signs (other than that small bit of circle on the saw blade).

Here we can see the main body glued to duplicated wheel treads.  It's a fairly simple model that I've put together.  The arm will be attached at the circular portion at the top back and reach forward with the saw blade.

And this is my entire progress so far.  I was able to make these in the last week, so I think I've come a huge distance considering the amount of time I've had!  I'd love to make enough for 3 whole squads of these, but that might take me a month to complete!!

Other than hobby progress, I've also had the opportunity to play a game this weekend, playing the Blood of Martyrs example mission on page 354 of the big book.  My Daemon force was up against an Eldar army, and I was the attacker.  Overall the game was a blast, and he held out quite well, not being wiped out until turn 6.  I probably should have deep struck the Horrors in close to get their shooting off, but it wasn't really a big deal as we were just having a good time.

The Lord of Change was fantastic, knocking out the two Fire Prisms on his own.  Also huge was the unit of 15 Flesh Hounds, led by a Herald of Khorne, or as I like to call them the Murderbots.  They charged into cover, didn't care about losing a couple models and proceeded to eat face.  On their own that unit took out 2 Farseers, a unit of 10 Dire Avengers, and a unit of 6 Warlocks.  They were absolutely devastating against my poor opponent.

Overall it was fantastic fun, and I'd love to play it as the defender sometime!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soul Grinder and 'Bloodletter' progress update

Hey everyone, welcome back to SB40k.  I missed a week there with a post but hopefully I'll be forgiven after doing this post with extra pictures!  First I'll go over my hobby progress and then I'll talk about the game I played last Sunday.

First up, the Soul Grinders.  I've been slowly modifying 2 of my Soul Grinders to fit the theme of the Horror Brains 'Aliens Attack!!!' theme.  So far the progress is going well but there's still a decent amount I'll have to do before I'm ready to prime and repaint them.

The top bubble will house a brain controlling the Soul Grinder beast, of course.  Much of the detail needed is on the guns and around the top portion of the vehicle, mostly around the bubble.  Still, I'm loving the way they look and really can't wait to have them completed.

I've also been working on the Killer Robots the last two days, to be used for the Khorne units in the Daemon army.  Here's what I have so far...

Sufficiently cheesy?  Heck yeah!!  I'm planning on adding additional thickness to the head area at the back with some definition, perhaps a control panel.  I've also added a concave to the eyes for a little definition which isn't in these images.  Cost to make is probably around 30 cents in materials.  I'm also planning a similar version where the bottom half is tank treads with a similar upper body, arms, and head to act as Flesh Hounds of Khorne.  The robots will be an interesting addition, for sure.

As for hobby, it seems I've found a regular Sunday hang out to play games, which is huge for me.  Still making tons of mistakes, but there is so much to keep track of in a Daemon army it's almost mind boggling.  This past Sunday I played a game against 2 armies, everyone at 1500 points.  I played my Tzeentch brain Daemons vs Eldar and an Ork bike list.  Talk about being gimped!  Eldrad made getting psychic powers off nigh impossible and those bikes came in fast and hard.  The game was a blast, though, and I look forward to hopefully playing again this Sunday.

Anyways, hope you're all enjoying my scratch build adventure.  Till next time, happy gaming!